Friday, November 30, 2012

One by One HD .WMV

Domina Nyx wants to play a game: she's numbered a plastic bag 1-10, and each number on the bag has a small hole beneath it. She places the bag over her slave's head, securing it with duct tape around his neck, then proceeds to slowly and systematically cover each hole with a piece of tape so that his air source is gradually reduced. At first, she's playful and amused by his predicament, blowing smoke from her cigarette into one hole and watching it pour out of the others. But as he loses his air holes, she grows quite serious, explaining that this is the ultimate exercise in trust and that his life will literally be in her hands once the last breathing hole is gone.

Friday, November 2, 2012


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catwoman's Interrogation

Catwoman's Interogation HD .WMV

Batman is relaxing in the bath after a long day of fighting crime, when he hears a disturbing scratching sound. Catwoman slinks in, and begins sharpening her metal claws on the stone jacuzzi tub as she tells him she intends to find out where he's hidden the jewels she stole. When he refuses, she seductively slides into the water and begins to interrogate him using a variety of devious methods. She rips at his chest with her talons, tortures his nipples with the tips of her razor sharp claws, holds him forcefully under the water until he's near drowning, tightens her grip around his neck, slides her claws across his cock, and humiliates him thoroughly. Once he's visibly broken, she smiles contently as he worships her beautiful feet and perfect ass in a sign of his submission to his new owner.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Domina Nyx' Ballbusting Expo!

Domina Nyx takes the time to show you a variety of her favorite kicks. She backs this slave against the wall and runs through snap kicks, running starts, and jump kicks, explaining each technique along the way. She then combines them in a brutal assault, hammering his nuts until they are visibly swollen. When he drops to the floor, she tells him to stay there, so she can unleash a barrage of cruel and precise strikes that leave him writhing in pain...and leave her smiling and satiated.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Domina Nyx Busts Your Balls HD POV

Domina Nyx asks you to enter her bedroom, and proceeds to have a chat with you about your tiny penis. As she humiliates you, asking if you're a virgin and wondering exactly what a package that size is good for, she comes up with a novel use for it: she'll use it to amuse her. She proceeds to spread your legs as she mercilessly kicks your balls, then stands up to finish you off with full-force kicks.


This 50 minute feature includes all 5 segments of the Slave Trainer Series in HD .WMV. He wakes up in a strange place, bound, hooded, and gagged, not knowing how he arrived there. Before long, he hears a woman the click of her heels approaches, she begins to explain that she has chosen him, and taken him into captivity to be trained as a male slave, then sold at auction. She introduces him to to the tools that she will be using during his training: corporal implements, and an electric cock ring that will be controlled by remote and used for behavior modification, explaining that he has NO CHOICE but to submit to her will, or he will be "DISCARDED". She will mold him, train him, and discipline him until he becomes the perfect specimen of a male slave. To his dismay, his terror starts to turn into arousal as he begins his journey...

Hot Wax, Corporal Punishment, Electric Play, CBT, Chastity, Cigarette Play, Human Furniture, Latex Bondage, T&D, Boot Worship, Leather, and of course, intense Slave Training....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A New Slave: Toilet Training

Extra part of "A New Slave: Full Feature". The slave is informed that he will also learn to be a toilet. Since his Mistress doesn't think he deserves the opportunity to see her unclothed, she's taken the liberty of filling up an entire quart of her golden nectar  throughout the day...which he will be forced to consume. When he fails to drink it fast enough, she takes him into the bathroom and showers him with it, pouring it all over his face and into his mouth.